Treatment Series

Our Eco Balance Treatment series feature liquid-based formula that treats common plant diseases, supporting recovery and strengthening plant’s overall wellbeing.


For Root Disease / Root Treatment
To treat canker disease, improving plant’s immune system.

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Boost Fruiting and Wound Recovery
To enhance overall nutrition of plant, boosting productivity & fruit quality.

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Unhealthy Plant Conditioning / Solution To Unripen Pulp
To supply and improve plant’s nutrients, supporting healthy growth

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INO Guard

For Twig Blight and Bacterial Diseases Treatment
To effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases.

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PH (pH Balancer)

PH is Nutritional solution that combines chemical, organic and effective microbes
Its quickly and effectively balance soil pH and nourish the land, prevents crops from nutrient disorders caused by acidic soil

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BIO BSM from INO Nature is perfectly suitable for XXX, and is XXX.


In the conventional crop protection, fumigants are commonly used as fungicides and insecticides to sanitize the soil before planting.
The soil fumigant is highly toxic and capable of killing all microorganisms in the soil, regardless of whether they are beneficial or harmful to the plants. Its vaporize and releases toxic gases during its application which brings risk of poisoning if inhaled or accidentally exposed to. In addition, if any crops are planted before the toxicity subsides, this toxicity may be absorbed into the crops, resulting in toxic chemical residues.

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