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5 common plantation problem

Sustainable Agriculture

To achieve a sustainable agriculture, farmers must conserve both the plant and soil. A good soil condition serves as breeding ground for microorganism that help in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, boost plant immune system, supplement plant with natural hormone and fertilize in the soil. Hence, the growth of microorganism population would ensure a sustainable crop production.

Plants and microorganism are having a symbiosis relationship. Both of them are inter-dependent and mutually complementing to each other. In an ecologically balanced farmland, the synergy between plants and microorganisms are important in benefiting each others. Therefore, should there be an imbalanced between them, it would result in a declining of yield and crops quality.

Typically, the good soil condition for the growth of microorganisms factored low compaction of soil, aeration, humidity, balanced pH, full of organic matters as well as the nutrients retention capability. Fertilizer play one of the most important role in sustaining a balanced ecology while maintaining a high quality of nutrients and yield. An ecological friendly fertilizer must be able to drive tree growth and conserve soil as the same time to ensure consistent production of high nutrition and healthy crops.

Understand About Fertilizers

Why use fertilizers and what is the limitation?

Chemical Fertilizer PROS CONS
Provide key nutrient essential to the plants at various stages. (Growing or Fruiting) Leaching cause pollution and degrade soil quality (acidic, harden, dry), resulting imbalance ecology.
Organic Fertilizer Rejuvenate soil healthiness. Organic fertilizer optimise microorganisms’ living environment (neutral soil pH, soften soil structure, higher aeration etc) whilst supplying sufficient foods to microbes. Inconsistent Nutrients content sourced from various organic source of material, insufficient to fulfil plant’s growth needs.
Bio Fertilizer (Microorganisms) Bio-Fertilizer Increase Soil Nutrient Organically. Microbes perform Nitrogen-Fixing & release crystallised elements trapped in soil. Time consuming and required larger population of microbes to deliver desire results. Its performance can be easily affected by the environment factors, like soil pH, temperature, moisture etc.
Bio-Hormones Support plant with Organic Hormone. Microbes produces organic acid and natural hormones to support plant activities, including increase fruiting rate.
Bio-Protection Reduce Disease through Ecology Balancing. Improve natural plant immune system, reduce the need for chemical pesticides, producing safer food, reduce farmer toxic exposure & cost saving in pesticide usage.
Bio-Environment Control Reduce Pollution. Microbes breakdown complex pesticide structure, leaving foods & soil with minimum pesticide residues & heavy metal pollution.

INO Nature Bio-Semi Organic Fertilizers

INO Nature Bio Semi-Organic Fertilizer

is the first ever green fertilizer to integrate high-content of chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizer and bio fertilizer with effective microorganisms. Our fertilizer is able to overcome the individual limitations of each chemistry, organic, and bio fertilizer when applied separately.

INO Nature Bio Semi-Organic Fertilizer could restore soil vitality, minimize soil compaction, supply nutrients needed by plants, enhance plant immunity, resist diseases, insects and pests, increase production, and improve crop nutrients. INO Fertilizers designed to provide sufficient nutrients to the plants, whilst conserving soil condition to achieve an ecological balance farmland, so-as-to produce a consistent production of high-nutrient, high-yield healthy crops.

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Clients Testimonials

Winner of Durian Kampung Premium Bentong 2021. Adopted INO Nature program since 2019, a consistent fruit yield and quality.

Nov 2021
Bentong, Pahang

Lum Heng Cheong

More than 50% trees in the 9acres farm were suffered from Canker diseases before adopted INO program.
After 10 months of efforts, Adam progressively improve his yields, last November collected more than 7000kg with 80% grade A.

Sg. Tras, Pahang


A royal INO Nature customer since 2012. One of the 1st farmer achieved multi-season fruiting.

Bentong, Pahang

Fook Gor