BIO BSM is specially formulated to eliminate pathogens and pests in the soil while increasing soil organic matter content. Farmers use it during ploughing to achieve the effects of sterilization, insect control and soil conditioning.

Entirely plant-based organic product, it does not contain any chemical toxicity and safe to use all time for long period, which do not have any adverse effects on soil and plants like other chemical broad-spectrum fumigation pesticides.

It guarantees soil biodiversityfarmer health and consumer food safety.

  1. Eliminate and suppress pathogen pests, improve crop growth and strengthen resistance to fungal diseases.
  2. Contain ZERO chemical toxins. No residual toxic chemical residue issues.
  3. Contains high organic matter.
  4. Suitable for use in soil cultivation such as vegetables, fruits and vegetables.
  1. Spread BIO BSM evenly on the soil surface.
  2. Mix BIO BSM and soil thoroughly when tilling and ploughing.
  3. Proceed with planting after tilling and ploughing.


Recommended Alternatives Approach :

If chemical fumigants have been used on the same plot for an extended period, a gradual replacement proceed is advised to allow the soil to recover its biodiversity and growth of effective microbes.

STEP 1: For the first time application, reduce chemical fumigant by 25% and introduce 25% of BIO BSM.

STEP 2: For the second time application, reduce chemical fumigant by 50% and introduce 50% of BIO BSM.

STEP 3: For the third time application, reduce chemical fumigant by 75% and introduce 75% of BIO BSM.

STEP 4: For the fourth time application, use 100% of BIO BSM.

Trace Element (TE)✔️
Magnesium Oxide (MgO)✔️
Boran/ Sulfur✔️
Organic Matter (OM)✔️
Free Amino Acids±12%
Effective Microbes (EM)> 40 types

Seaweed, Organic Matter, Trace Elements, Effective Microbes, 12% Free Amino Acids

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