• Strengthen flower bud, tree trunk, and provide nutrients for fruits
  • Improve overall balance development of the fruits, resulting in more rounded and Grade A fruits
  • Increase hardness and durability of the trunk to prevent easy breakage
  • Speed up tree recovery process
  • Frequency: Once every 2 weeks 
  • Dosage: Based on dilution guide
  • Method: Spray within 4 hours after mixing to avoid microbial disintegration to the chemical inside pesticide and fungicide. Spray evenly onto surface and underneath the leaves till soggy
  • Can be mixed with fungicide and pesticide
1000 Dilution 1:250
Water 1000
16L 64ml
20L 80ml
100L 400ml
1000L 4L
NPK± 16%
Trace Element (TE)< 1%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO)< 1%
Calcium< 1%
Boron/ Sulfur< 2%
Organic Matter (OM)✔️
Amino Acid (AA)✔️
Organic Acid (OA) 
• Fulvic Acid (FA)✔️
• Humic Acid (HA)✔️
• Citric Acid (CA)✔️
Effective Microbes (EM)> 40 types

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