INO 633

  • Fully organic nutrients for leafy vegetables
  • A unified solution. No more A & B fertilizer
  • Enhance plant immunity to build resistance against diseases
  • Strengthen root system
  • Resolve algae issues in hydroponic system
  • Prolong shelf life and safety of leafy vegetables
  • Seeding period: 1.0mS/cm
  • Nursery period: 1.3mS/cm
  • Growth period: 13mS/cm
  • Harvest period: 1.3mS – 1.5mS/cm
* Subject to change based on harvest time
INO 633 Dilution 1:500
Water INO 633
1L 2ml
16L 32ml
20L 40ml
50L 100ml
NPK± 12%
Trace Element (TE)< 2%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO)< 1%
Calcium< 2%
Boron/ Sulfur< 1%
Organic Matter (OM)± 22%
Amino Acid (AA)✔️
Organic Acid (OA) 
• Fulvic Acid (FA)✔️
• Humic Acid (HA)✔️
• Citric Acid (CA)✔️
Effective Microbes (EM)> 40 types

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