INO Nature Fertilizer

CB 12 12 17 + 3mgo + 0.5B + TE + AA + HA + 40±OM

High elements composition with high absorption rate, can improve crops' yield and increase the fruit size.

Slow release bio-organic fertilizer which last longer. Improve the fruits appearance with more attractive color tones.Strengthen the trees and flower buds. Promote more flowers to bear more fruits with better grade.

INO Nature Fertilizer

CPNP 15 17 8 + 4Mgo + TE + AA + HA + 40±OM

With customized formulation of pure raw materials and rich nutrients, it has fast and lasting effect that focus on recovery of trees and branches, it helps to enhance growth of tree trunk and increase the amount of leaves to expand the photosynthetic area, cultivating strong branches and strong bud and overall improves in recovery and vitality…

INO Nature Fertilizer

CR 13 6 24 + 3mgo + O.5B + TE + AA + HA + 40±OM

It helps to improve the fruit quality, strengthen the tree and develope the roots system.Fruits with regular shape, more attractive color tone and shining surface.

Bigger fruits size relatively. Fruits with better quality and weight. Biological control. Able to fight against diseases.

INO Nature Fertilizer

5 5 5 + TE + FA + AA + 50±OM + Microbial

This product contains a variety of good bacteria and its beneficial metabolites, which can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the soil, enhance the permeability, effectively solve the problem of hardened soil, and effectively improve the soil micro-ecological system. Combined with various organic fertilizers, farm manure, compound fertilizers and chemical fertilizers, it can significantly improve the utilization rate of fertilizers, and is a conditioning agent for activating soil and improving soil environment.

INO Nature Fertilizer

CNK 13 6 20 + 2mgo + 8S + TE + AA + HA + 40±OM

Tastier fruits with better quality.

Effective in controlling problems like mosaic diseases, chlorosis, slow bearing fruits rate and fruits abnormality that leads to low product yield.

To be applied during flowering and fruiting stage.

INO Nature Fertilizer

CPNP 15 15 15 + 4mgo + TE + AA + HA + 40±OM

Promote the development of root system and protect them.

Increase the soil nitrogen content to allow the plants to grow healthily.

Increase the tree branches diameter and increase the numbers of leaves.

Restore the damaged tree branches.

Decompose the toxins found in the soils in order to prevent root rotting and various diseases attack.