INO Nature SPK Liquid Fertilizer is improved version of PK liquid fertilizer in order to treat fruit trees, especially wither problem that happened during durian flowering period. SPK is a quality foliar fertilizer that produced using INO Nature proprietary technology by fermenting and cultivating the natural organic organisms, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum,iron, silicon, sulfur, cobalt, chlorine, amino acids, seaweed element, humic acid, fulvic acid and organic acids which functions to prevent wither problems and increase fruits yield. The presence of abscisic acid during flowering period may reduce the fruiting rate of the fruits trees. The harmful effects of abscisic acid towards fruit trees can be avoided by using INO Nature SPK Liquid Fertilizer that made from a variety of organic acids, highly active calcium, boron and other healthy nutrition. SPK is able to promote the flowering rate and increase the fruits’ yield.


SPK funtions to :

  • Strengthen the flower buds to produce healthier pollen in order to increase the flowering rate.
  • Accelerate the fruiting rate and to produce healthier fruit.
  • Prevent wither and fruitless problems.
  • Increase production yield.