Super Bio-C Premium Organic Fertilizer

contains 100% plant-based organic matter. It’s also rich in trace elements, chitin,  Organic amino acids, humic acids, fulvic acids and Microbial. The most striking feature is that it is a living, living fertilizer.

Extensive 7 effects in one product

7 superb characteristics of Super Bio-C:
strong, quick-acting, long-lasting, high-efficiency, synergistic, value for money, and consistent.



1.100%植物性純正有机(100% Plant-Based Organic Matters)



4.微量元素(Trace Elements, TE)

5.黃腐酸 (Fulvic Acid, FA)

6.腐植酸 (Humic Acid, HA)

7.氨基酸(Amino Acid, AA)