INO Nature Products

INO King Series Pallet Fertilizer

Potassium Nitrate, a premium-quality potash is the source of Potassium in King Series. It reduces the root system damage caused by the toxic of Chlorine, increase crops yield and fruit quality, makes plants more resilient to drought, frost, insects and even disease.

King Series is a special formula to produce high quality demanded fruits like durian.

INO Bio Series

Over 30% organic matter and active microbes to help root system and soil promote development encourage growth, rejuvenate soil.

INO Bio Semi-Organic Foliar

Full range of semi-organic foliar for fast absorbing, effective growth, flowering and fruit growth and maintain of quality.


INO Bio-Semi Organic fertilizer improvised the conventional fertilizers by providing sufficient nutrients  i.e. NPK, ±40% organic matters and effective microbes within a single fertilizer. It helps to enrich and revitalize the soil condition so-as-to promote a better growing environment.  Oil Palm with INO Bio Semi-Organic fertilizer consistently bears fruits , higher yield and stronger immunity against common pest and disease such as  Ganoderma and Bagworm.