INO 600


Canker disease treatment

Promote Root Growth


  • “INO NATURE 600” nutrient solution is produced from biological fermentation. It’s mainly used to solve roots fungal infections such as bacterial diseases that attack fruit trees. It helps to enhance the growth of soil probiotics and roots system by activating the soil nutrients.
  • INO NATURE 600 is an effective buffer formulation for controlling Phytophthora and bacterial diseases on a wide range of crops. This unique formula regulates the delivery of nutrient and energy of the entire plant in order to ensure an effective diseases control on every parts of plant.
  • INO NATURE 600 can be easily absorbed by plants and to be delivered to every parts through phloem and xylem. It has direct effects towards the plant in boosting its immune system so that the plant is able to fight against diseases itself. This bio-nutrient solution will trigger the defense system to send an “alarming signal” to other healthy cells that have not yet been attacked to enhance the protection of their cell wall.