King Series, a breakthrough from conventional barrier, enabled multiple durian seasons in a year.

King Series is a special formula to produce premium quality fruits like durian.
Potassium Nitrate, a premium quality source of Potassium that used in King Series. It reduces the root system damages from the Chlorine, increase crops yield and fruit quality, makes plants more resilient to drought, frost, insects as well as diseases.

CG King

NPK ±15-15-15, ±5%TE, ±3%MgO, ±40%OM, AA, FA, HA, Chitin, Microbes


Balance nutrient for tree growth and recovery

Key Functions

Encourage tree growing and root system development

Strengthen branches 

Stimulate new shoot growing

CB King

NPK ±12-12-17, ±5%TE, ±3%MgO, ±40%OM, AA, FA, HA, Chitin, Microbes


Encourage flower blooming

Key Functions

CB King laid the foundation for the durian tree to bloom and bear fruits.

 It contains the nutrients and energy required for flower blooming. 

CR King

NPK ±13-6-24, ±5%TE, ±3%MgO, ±40%OM, AA, FA, HA, Chitin, Microbes


Fruit Nutrition
(more fruits, bigger size)

Key Functions

Provide sufficient nutrients to the trees in bearing large quantity of fruits at the same time

Promote fruit enlargement, better taste and refine fruit texture quality