INO Eco Balance Treatment Series

INO Eco Balance Treatment Series

Cancer treatment

Root treatment

  • Treatment of fungal infections, such as Canker, Pythium, and Phytophthora diseases
  • Promotes the growth of microbes and root systems
  • Improve nutrient uptake and circulation of the plant
  • Strengthens the immune system of the plant

Boosting fruition and wound recovery

  • Contains high organic matter, balanced nutrients is being easily absorbed through the leaves within short period of time
  • Strengthens flower bud, tree trunk, and provides nutrients for fruits
  • Improve overall balance development of the fruit, resulting in more rounded and grade A fruit
  • Increases hardness and durability of the tree trunk so that it would not break easily
  • Speed up the tree recovery process

Condition unhealthy plant

Overcome unripen pulp

  • Supply balanced nutrients and increased tree nutrient
  • Improve the quality, taste and colour of the fruit quickly
  • Increases the production of chlorophyll, photosynthesis process, fixes damaged cells and tissues
  • Reactivate stunted growth and recover curvy leaves from overdosed sprayed of agrochemicals

Treat twig blight and bacterial diseases

  • Effectively prevents the spread of bacteria
  • Treatment of disease. i.e. twig blight, leaf spots etc. in short period of time
  • Anti-bacterial. Improve the thickness of the leafs (like covering with protection gel) to prevent the bacteria attack
  • Contains high levels of nutrient, suitable for plant growth, and can promote the growth of large quantities new leaves and new shoot