INO Eco Balance Foliar

INO Eco Balance Foliar

Increased plant growth and healthiness

  • Promotes root growth to increase fertilizer absorption
  • Accelerates the growth rate
  • Promotes new shoot and leaves
  • Increases plant immunity and prevent disease
  • Increases microbial activity

Promote flowering and resolve watery pulp problem

  • Increases nutrients and energy required for flowering
  • Accelerates induce of flowering through the reaction of stress (heat, drought)
  • Strengthens flower bud
  • Increases microbial activity

‘Super-Glue’ to hold fruit

  • Strengthens flower bud to increase pollination rate
  • Concentrated organic acids can reduce the output of abscisic acid, thus increasing fruiting rates
  • Accelerates the flowering period and increase fruiting rate
  • Increase productivity

Promote growing of small tree. Disease recovery & recover small & weak tree

  • Promotes strong tree and speed up growing
  • Quick recovery of sick or weak plant
  • Maintains balanced nutrients to the plant
  • Can be irrigated into soil directly to repair poor soil structure

Increased tree immunity and strengthen tree structure

  • Strengthens tree trunk so that it does not fall and break easily
  • Increases plant immune system against diseases