NPK ±16%, ±2%TE, ±1.3%MgO, Calcium, Boron, ±70%OM, AA, FA, HA, Chitin, Microbes


Growing healthy tree

Key Functions

Promote the growth of root system whilst enhance the fertilizer absorption rate

Accelerate the growth rate of the plant

Restore the damaged tree stem

Strengthen tree trunk and leaves

Reduce the breed of tree fungi diseases

Increase Bio-activities


NPK ±17%, ±2.5%TE, ±1.5%MgO, Calcium, Boron,±70%OM, AA, FA, HA, Chitin, Microbes


Promote flowering

Key Functions

Increase tree flowering energy

Accelerate the tree reaction to the external stress (heat, dryness), for flowering stimulation

Strengthen the flower buds

Increase quality and taste of the fruit

Enhance the plant immune system hence increase yield

Increase Bio-activities 


NPK ±21%, ±3%TE, ±1.2%MgO, Calcium, Boron, OM, AA, FA, HA, Chitin, Microbes


SUPER-GLUE for fruit holding

Key Functions

Strengthen flower buds, to achieve higher pollination rate

SPK’s organic acid helps inhibits acid abscise (ABA) production, to prevent wither of flowers and fruits

Accelerate flowering periods and increase fruiting rate

Improve yield