Organic fertilizer provides to rejuvenate our earth. It loosens the soil, increase water retention, aeration, adjusts pH and gradually proliferates probiotics to improve soil health. INO Bio-Organic Fertilizer Series has a wide range of probiotics with broad functions. It serves as biological fertilizer, increase nutrients, purify the soil, enhance plant immunity and balance the ecology. A consistent fertilizing activities bring sustainable planting environment.

S BIO-C (Premium)

±60% OM, NPK±15%, ±2%TE, MgO, AA, FA, HA, Chitin, Full Series Microbes

Key Functions

INO super organic fertilizer is suitable for rejuvenate severely damaged soil

Ultra-fine particle, enable S BIO-C to penetrate deeper into soil

Full range of beneficial microbes help to reduce diseases, restore soil health, improve and enhance plant immunity

Large amount of natural organic acids are effectively improving fruit quality, especially for durians which has higher nutrient demand.

Highly concentrated, a smaller dosage required, relatively more economical.

Improve fruit taste

Reduce durian unripen problem. 

Organic Source

Plant-based with highly nutrient organic material sources such as seaweed, soybean powder etc.

BIO-N (Economy)

±60% OM, NPK<6%, ±2%TE, MgO, AA, FA, HA, Chitin, Microbes

Key Functions

Improve soil condition

Provide soil nutrients

Increase soil organic matter

Restore and revitalize the soil

Loosen the soil density

Increase soil water retention

Neutralize soil pH

Increase active microbe activities

Organic Source

Plant-based organic material sources