Founder’s Message


Roger Saw Gee Shyang

Founder of INO Natures Sdn Bhd

Innovator and patent holder of Bio Semi-Organic Fertilize

Being a strong advocator of sustainable agriculture, Roger graduated from Taiwan agriculture science, after then he focused research and development in soil and plant nutrient for more than 20 years.


INO Natures is a strong advocate and evangelist in sustainable agriculture whilst satisfying the social, environmental and economic needs of the community.

The idea of sustainable agriculture can be  achieved through equilibrium balance between the nature and agriculture activities. A successful sustainable agriculture approach must able to increase the yield and production without harming to the natural environments.

Our progressive and breakthrough research has allowed our company to innovate and produce the new generation fertilizers that able to fulfill the needs of plant growing as well as constantly protecting and improving the environment. 

Our product journey, it was started by mainly utilizing organic sources, then progressed into the patented Bio Semi-organic technology, which infuse with high quality inorganic, organic and effective microorganism, that provide the efficiency and effectiveness to all crops application.

We always believes that our products that brings yield and performance whilst harmonizing the natural environment and people. 

We named this “The Earth Foods” and it is much more than a simple and noble proposition. It is the philosophy which guides our action in the belief that this is the only way we can ensure sustainable agriculture and lasting success and help deliver a better world for everyone and generations to come!