Bio Semi Organic Compound Fertilizer is a high-quality, pollution free and environmental friendly fertilizer. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, silicon, magnesium, iron, zinc and many other nutrient elements required by plants. A part from that, it contains up to 40% organic matters as well as bio-active beneficial bacteria. It has the combination of characteristic in terms of “high efficiency" achieving by chemical fertilizer, “stability" deriving from organic fertilizers and “enhancing properties" obtaining from bacteria based fertilizer. The fusion has accumulated all the nutrients that are sufficient for a plant to grow healthily. It increases the nutrients’ absorption rate from 30% to 70% thus reducing the wastages and losses from each application.

Experimental results have proven that the usage of this Bio Semi Organic Compound Fertilizer tends to increase 30% to 50% of crops yield. It is It is an ideal product for sustainable agriculture and “Green Food" development.


  • CN Bio Semi Organic Compound Fertilizer is specially customized based on the nutrients requirement of palm tree and is totally free from pollutants. It works in regulating the activity of biological bacteria, organic matters and trace elements that ensure the high performance of fertilizer which is long lasting. This fertilizer combines microorganisms, organic nutrients and organic matters as a whole that make it a highly effective fertilizer.
  • This customized fertilizer supplies sufficient nutrients to the oil palm. Besides, the absorption of microbial decomposition by-products and their metabolites through the plant root system has stimulated and enhanced the plants’ growth rate resulting in higher resistance towards drought season and heat exposure .
  • The proliferation of beneficial microorganism population has increased the soil organic nitrogen content and enhanced the activity and effectiveness of both phosphorus and potassium elements. The NPK content found in the fertilizers will then be fully utilised.
  • The proliferation of beneficial microorganisms can inhibit the growth and transmission of harmful bacteria within the soil and increase the plants’ resistance towards diseases attack. It helps in developing the oil palm root system, strengthening the leaf structureand reducing the risk of plant deformation or abnormality .
  • Apart from loosen the fertile land, long term usage of CN Bio Semi Organic Compound Fertilizer will improve the soil structure and increase the survival-ship of the future transplants.

Application Method :

  1. Apply 40g of CN around the oil palm seedling. Apply 60g of CN after 90 days. Apply another 100g on the next 90 days. 200g of fertilizer in total.
  2. This fertilizer does not dehydrate the root of the seedling. It can either applied with ditch facilities, ground sprinkle or fertilizing along with seedling.
  3. After fertilization, watering to accelerate
    the fertilizer decomposition rate for easier

Benefits :

  • Required only 3 times fertilizer application; reduce labour charges and workload
  • Required only 200g amount of fertilizer in total.
  • Low deformity rate.
  • Resistance towards diseases attack.
  • Cost saving.