Sustainability Mission


INO Nature mission in sustainable farming and food production.

We research, develop, manufacture and markets “The Earth Foods” with patented Bio Semi-organic technology for best in fulfilling agricultural requirements i.e. high yield, food with high nutrient and dedication for environmental sustainability.

Our founder, being a strong advocator of sustainable agriculture, Roger Saw Gee Shyang graduated from Taiwan agriculture science, after then he focused research and development in soil and plant nutrient for more than 20 years.

The research activities carry out by our R&D center in collaboration with leading universities, drives for the desired outcome with continuous improvements and enables INO Nature to have new breakthrough in plant nutrition, soil cultivation/rejuvenation and regenerative agriculture.

The environment protection and waste reusability is one of the primary goal in INO Nature. We are looking forward to play a role in global market in near term. As such, we constantly research and innovate to meet the global standards in various essential criteria include operation efficiency, safety and especially environmental sustainability.It is important to sustain an ecologically balance between agricultural activities and the environment, with INO Nature, our continuous research and development efforts to improvise with effective, efficient and environment friendly product to fulfill the growing food demands in-line with the growth of world’s population.

Aligned with our mission, our research team are geared toward achieving sustainable agriculture, our progressive research activities are focus in 

  • Soil remediation and rejuvenation
  • Functionality of Effective microbes in Agriculture.
  • Natural disease control and plant immune system.
  • Crops nutrients enhancement.
  • Maximize fertilizer efficiency 
    • Fertilizer Leaching Factor
    • Element activation.

We always believes that our products that brings yield and performance whilst harmonizing the natural environment and people. 

We named this “The Earth Foods” and it is much more than a simple and noble proposition. It is the philosophy which guides our action in the belief that this is the only way we can ensure sustainable agriculture and lasting success and help deliver a better world for everyone and generations to come!