Who We Are

The company was initially commenced business as Sole Proprietor in manufacturing and distribution of BIO-SEMI Organic fertilizer in year 2006. The Sole Proprietor, SNO BIO ENTERPRISE was subsequently converted into a private limited company, SNO NATURAL SDN BHD on 6 July 2012. On 25 Feb, 2013, we changed our name to INO NATURE SDN BHD.

Today, the company has more than 9 years experience in manufacturing fertilizer business.

INO NATURAL SDN BHD have gain the reputation of being the Pioneer and the First in the manufacturing of BIO-SEMI ORGANIC fertilizer with more than 40% Organic Matter with high Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium plus Trace Element. The company manufacture wide range of compound BIO-SEMI ORGANIC fertilizer and confirmed with beneficial MICROBES and BACTERIAL that improve soil structure system.

Systematic manuring INO NATURE SDN BHD fertilizers have proven significant increase crops harvested, in particularly in oil palm, durian, banana, coconut, rubber and dragon fruits. In fact, in durian plantation we harvested durian fruits 4 ~ 6 season per year is our NORM.